African American History Month Writing Contest 2019

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Essay Contest for Grades 3-5 

Topic: African American Inventors

Submission Guidelines: Cover page to include: first initial, last name, grade, gender, race (race is optional and to be completed by the teacher only) (1-3 pages, 12-point font)

CCSS ELA- Write an informative/explanatory text to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.

Prompt: Write an informative essay to tell readers about the invention of an African American Inventor. Tell the readers about the invention your inventor is most known for creating. Explain how this invention solved a problem for people and how this invention changed people’s lives.

Judging Criteria: organization, language conventions, reading comprehension and written expression, coherent writing, text-based evidence and development of topic

Deadline: January 31st


First Prize: $50.00
Second and Third Runner-Ups- $25.00 (per grade level)
(total 9 winners)

Prizes to be awarded at Kennard’s Black History Month program on February 23rd.

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