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Kennard History

The High School

The history of the Kennard School begins before there was a school named “Kennard.”

THE Restoration

The High School

The restored high school and museum provides a window into the rich history and heritage of African American culture on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

OUR Museum

The High School

KAACHC is home to the African American History Museum, which chronicles African American life in both Queen Anne’s County and the nation, with an emphasis on the period in time that Kennard High School (KHS) operated, 1936-1966.


What began as a lofty dream almost 20 years ago, with a small group of people starting a grass roots initiative to revive and restore the original Kennard High School and create a community center, has been realized with the creation and opening of Kennard African American Cultural Heritage (KAACHC).  This center has become the hub for African American History programs and events, while showcasing the exhibits of its African American History Museum. READ MORE